I am, therefore I’m an artist.

From a very young age, I’ve never had a choice where art is concerned.  My school days were spent thinking about art in math class, “adorning” all of my text books with mindless scribble and staying late to paint.  As a young man it encroached upon every day in a hundred tiny ways.  Nothing has changed since then, really.

 My experiences of illness, army, international travel and many other things have influenced my art.  In hard times, art has been a way back to life, both literally and figuratively.  I believe that art can change the way you see the world, and this belief is a primary motivation to why I create.

 With every piece I want to make you think, want to evoke emotions and ask questions that enable you to look deep within.  The joy of art is that I don’t know what emotional response it will trigger in you, as everyone’s experience is going to be unique and personal to them.  To provide a gateway to an inner adventure for another is such a rewarding part of what I do.

 Immersed in art, hours and days disappear – such a life is all I have ever wanted, and to share it with you means more to me than you will ever know.  It is a life I would wish for any fellow artist.  As such, I am a passionate advocate for the arts community and helping other artists achieve their dreams.  

 My art has now reached many countries through Asia, Europe, North and South America, and hundreds of businesses and private homes.  This validation feeds my energy, my optimism and my story.  My journey is fed by my supporters and if you are one of them, you have my heart, my soul and my utmost respect on your wall.

 Art is life, and the only one I want to live.  I have suffered for it, I have given my life to it, and do it because I believe in the transformative power of art. 

 I am an artist, therefore I am.