"Mr Ordinary Dons A Disguise"

30" x 40", Acrylic on Linen

$3,250 - Sold


Within the context of the Peregrine Man Exhibition, this could be seen to precede all other works - our protagonist choosing how best to cope with the world he finds himself in, which mask to get him through the day.  Soon he must venture out, enter Corporatopia, and deal with the Tetric Rain, the Hard Reign...but perhaps that is coming to an end today.  Mr Ordinary is about to don the final disguise - that of the Peregrine Man.


Book Cover

This is the official cover of Mr Ordinary Dons a Disguise (Odyssey Books, due out April 2018) an anthology of short stories from award-winning author and freelance journalist Benjamin Allmon.  Allmon is also the author of Foot Notes, the story of his 1000km, 51-day walk along the Australian coast to promote his debut album living like a rambling troubadour of old.  

Here is a taste of what Mr Ordinary Dons a Disguise is about:

Talking fruit.

Time reversing.

A scheming liver.

A lighter’s journey.

Vengeful teddy bears.

Vending machine salvation.

The Annual Meeting of Words.

Everyone on earth moving six feet to the left.

Escape into vivid worlds, populated by everyday - ordinary, if you will - characters facing unique challenges...where sometimes the mask becomes the face.  

From horror to humour, speculative to literary fiction, magic realism to psychological dualism: fifteen stories that will linger in the mind.