the peregrine man

2017 artwork series

Who is the Peregrine Man?

He is a man in the grip of an idea that causes him to embark upon a journey, undergoing profound changes wrought by what he encounters. A journey such as this closely resembles an ancient human custom - pilgrimage. Typically, a pilgrimage was a journey to a source of...

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spiritual power/comfort. ‘Pilgrims’ is also the name we ascribe to those that came to North America during the 17th century from Europe, searching for a better life, free from persecution owing to their beliefs.

The word ‘pilgrim’ comes to us from the Latin peregrinus, which means “foreign”, or “foreigner” - a state of being with which everyone can identify. It is composed of two words: per (through) and ager (fields) - a recurring setting for the journey documented in this exhibition. It is also the origin of the word peregrine, as in Peregrine Falcon, whose 240mph dives make it the fastest creature on earth. This concept of speed - coupled with the business suit - underpins another element of this exhibition; the notion that we are plunging headlong in the pursuit of wealth, economic growth, an unthinking cultural stampede into an unknown future.

So, the Peregrine Man represents many things; pilgrimage, salvation, pursuit, speed over sense, corporate culture, courage, endurance, disillusionment, enlightenment.



Most importantly, however, is what he - and his pilgrimage - represents to you.