24" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas

$2800 - Sold


An Appetite…. for knowledge?… for good?… for evil?… for destruction?.... or for free will? The choice is yours and the first bite is only the beginning.



“Appetite” is directly inspired by René Magritte’s, “Son Of Man”. This piece featured in one of my favourite movies, “The Thomas Crown Affair”. The final scene in this movie plagued my mind for years as it was incredibly beautiful visual surrealism in motion. From the music to the mood to the concept; it all sung so beautifully together.

I decided to use this piece as the opening scene to a series of artworks that talk about a world gone pear-shaped; encompassing greed, humour, and something that I feel in myself daily - the hunger for more.  In my surrealism works, I like to explore my own emotions, which of course are universal emotions that most people can relate to. My job is to trigger these feelings so as to allow my viewers to go on their own journeys.  

Art like Magritte’s has always inspired me to dig deeper into my mind, as has the humour in the surrealistic works of Vladimir Kush. Adding the twisted visions of Salvador Dali into the mix results in my mind being a melting pot of imagination, desire, humour with a splash of seriousness.  The aim is to make you smile while thinking deeply and critically at the same time.

I hope this one entices you to join me on this journey.