"Lady Helianthus-Annuus"

24” x 18”, Oil on Canvas Panel

$1,250 SOLD


“Darling!  Oh, look at you, you’re positively glowing - I can’t take my eyes off you!  Moi? I‘ve just been to see that new Van Gogh show with my three sisters...no don’t go, darling, it’s mad, we’ve been squashed into the corner for hours.

“Oh!  Did you hear - I’m being photographed as the face of the Vegan Society!  No, I didn’t either, but apparently it’s been around awhile. They’re lovely people, perked right up after I gave them some of my B12 supplement.

“Speaking of passing fads, have you tried phytoremediation yet?  Oh, it’s the latest thing darling, I had a class just this morning.  Terribly gratifying...although it’s hell on my complexion...

“That reminds me, I’ve got to dash, I’m late for an appointment with the doctor...what?  No, nothing serious, just something to do with my circadian rhythms...let’s do lunch darling!  Mwah!”