36" x 60", Acrylic on Canvas



“Intersection” is about choices, destinations, and reading the signs.


Intersection is a story about myself, and serves to remind me about the priorities in my surrealistic life.  I am devoted to surrealism and my creations; whilst they are ostensibly about me and my experiences, they can convey a message to anyone willing to allow that message soak in. 
Intersection is a perfect example.  It signifies the moment when I realised that I’d already run over too many stop signs - this realisation turned me back to my roots.  One Way!  Go back, fix the pencil, as it was the art that was holding me up the whole time and I was deflating. 
As an artist and especially a surrealistic artist, I am not faced with a choice to be this person…….. I am, therefore I’m an artist.