"Polar Pear"

48" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas

$4800 - Sold


“Polar Pear” is Solar Pear’s polar opposite, yet retains the essence of my desire for strange juxtapositions and meddling with convention.  Take that!


Meddling with convention is fun, surreal and something that I am sure by now you have seen I am addicted to.  An epiphany to me is not a light bulb in the sky, it is a pear orb beating down on my mind in a continuous Surrealistic dream.  Once again, like Salvador Dali, this is unusual art. Unusual art feeds my soul, just as this piece did. 
On a side note, getting this photo in Banff, Alberta was a long, knee-deep-in-snow challenge while looking to photograph some elk I knew were in the area.  Instead I found this.  
I hope you enjoy this one.