"Solar Pear"

48" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas

$4800 - Sold


For years, visions - such as this - have entered my imagination without warning or reason. The greatest challenge I have is to release them before they overwhelm my mind.


Solar Pear, much like Polar Pear, is a representation of my vision, or as you could say,  my surrealistic epiphany.  Getting a daily smack in the face by pear visions is something that I love; surreal visions that make me laugh on the inside.  Often, when finding myself surrounded in crowded settings, these visions provide me with a welcome relief from the mundane circumstances and regular minds on all sides.  It is as though my imagination dives deep below the surface, finding fun and humour in my observations; a lovely swim in the ocean, as you can see here.  Life is good in the mind of a surrealist artist.